◙ Doctor performed Surgery

Dr. Özlem Biçer, is an International Society of Hair Restauration Surgery (ISHRS) certified doctor.  She is performing all important tasks like consultation, hairline design, incisions and extraction herself, supported by one of the most experienced and skilled hair transplantation teams in Turkey

◙ Just 1 Patient a Day

We take on only one patient a day and the same team does all procedures. We will give our full attention to providing the best service for you.

◙ Full Care of Your Stay

We arrange your operation and accommodation. You will be picked up at the airport by our team and rest in your hotel during your stay. After the next day of surgery we will bring you back to airport


◙ Start your hair restoration with Dr. Ozlem Bicer

Look younger & better – decide to let us help you with your hair. From the beginning to the successful end we will accompany your transition. Wie staff speaking your language and a doctor personally taking care of your medical needs.
Just contact us now !


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◙ Hair Surgery and Treatment Options

Surgical Options

  • FUE Manual
  • FUE Automated
  • Strip (FUT)
  • Beard
  • Eyebrows
  • Body Hair Transplant


  • Drug Treatment
  • MESO-Therapy
  • Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)
  • PRP treatment

Learn more about these options in our website HERE and HERE. We will be happy to develop for you an individual hair regrowth plan

◙ Our doctor – Dr. Ozlem Bicer

“Aesthetics is where art and medicine meets.”

Since 2004 I am working on hair treatments and hair transplantations with thousands of happy patients, My team and devote all our knowledge and love in order to turn this desire of our patients into reality.

We strictly follow ethical guidelines and on high quality. We are not a “hair mill” with dozens of patients handled by unknown assistants of whatever kind. In contrary I promise you to treat you personally and there is not more than one patient a day, so we will concentrate fully on you surgery.

If you want healthy, natural and beautiful hair and you’d like to be assisted by a medical crew of such values, we’d be glad to meet you.

◙ Results

Thousands of patients gained back the natural look with our help. Browse our Gallery of pre/post pictures LINK

A video says more than a pics … browse our large portfolio of patients showing their results in video LINK

◙ A short way to look better

  1. Get in contact with us by WhatsApp, our contact form or Phone
  2. Send a few pictures
  3. Get your hair analysis with xx hours / days
  4. Discuss with your patient advisor in your language the options
  5. Book your flight … and let us do the rest … From the airport onwards we will take care of all needs
  6. Come home and enjoy a new life

I was so happy to look 10 years youngers. Thank you Dr. Bicer

Paul M., Frankfurt

“I felt to be in good handy from the first moment”

Andrew L. Chicago.

◙ Contact us

Fill this form or contact us by WhatsApp +123 6565656

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